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Our Story

Still Eighteen may be the only world-class rock band of its kind. This dynamic trio is made up of a father, mother and daughter.

"That’s right, they’re a family band. But if you’re expecting warm ’n’ fuzzy, sing-songy tunes, you can ditch that image — and replace it with one where Jack and Meg White of the White Stripes have a badass baby that grows up to join them. The family that plays together SLAYS together." Darryl Sterdan of "Tinnitist" - former national music critic for Sun Media

Or in the words of music blog, Noble Vybe... “Oh heck yes! We’ve seen bands composed of childhood friends, brothers and sisters. However when you have a father, a mother and a daughter tearing the house down like Still Eighteen does, it’s quite the sight to see...”

Along with their unique story, the band has a unique sound – think David Bowie meets Pixies.  Still Eighteen shows & music ROCK - that’s why Still Eighteen was chosen out of thousands of bands to perform a 50-minute set of their originals at a music festival featuring Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Kid Rock, Billy Idol, and other legends.

The band has now toured Europe multiple times, headlining venues in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Slovakia. Still Eighteen is excited to have recently signed a record deal with Europe's ON Stage Group and Still Eighteen's debut album has just been released on their label. ON Stage has over 30 years in the music business and is now taking care of all of Still Eighteen's European touring. Still Eighteen has just finished their European winter tour with OnStage, and it was a big success! 

“Still Eighteen is an excellent, excellent band.” Steve Van Zandt’s Channel, SiriusXM

The members of Still Eighteen consider themselves to be non-conformists and questioners of the status quo. This attitude is reflected in many of their songs that tackle topics like war, greed, poverty, and environmental degradation. Emerging Indie Bands Blog dubbed the band a “rock protest trio”. However, not all of Still Eighteen’s music follows these themes. For example, their light-hearted song, “You Hit Me Like a Drug” and the accompanying funny music video went viral on Facebook with thousands of shares and over 1,000,000 views.

Still Eighteen includes former Platinum Blonde and Trixie Goes Hollywood singer Joey, along with his wife Karen on drums, and their daughter Samantha, co-lead singer and bass-player.

Initially a fan in the crowd, Karen caught Joey’s eye at a Toronto gig and instantly knew that he was "the one". Over the course of dating, marriage, and having their daughter, the pair had long dreamt of living life at a more tropical pace, specifically in the Dominican Republic, having explored the island on rusty, rented motorcycles during multiple vacations.

Their life-changing move to a small, coastal town in the D.R., best known for its kite-surfing (their favorite sport), had a profound effect on the whole family. “It really expanded our worldview,” Karen recalls. This new perspective ignited Joey’s creative inspiration and his songwriting flourished.

With such free and musical spirits at the helm, it was predestined that Samantha would catch the musical bug; at age eight, she started an all-girl rock band, Crush, and frequently opened for Joey’s band across island gigs. She started playing bass and writing her own material in her pre-teens, with her skills expanding to co-writing status of Still Eighteen's music, alongside her dad. 

In the meantime, Karen’s many years of exposure to the music world throughout Joey’s music career -- and now it being her daughter's passion -- was the catalyst for Karen becoming a serious drummer.

Still Eighteen was born!

“We hope you enjoy the music and engage with us through social media – 


Joey, Karen & Samantha