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Still Eighteen's self-titled debut album dropped on January 12th!

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“Beautiful post-apocalypse momentum, for a song that strongly breathes the influences of the early seventies and returns them in a warlike hymn to a world that seems to be falling apart. Beautiful sounds and timbres right in the dark and deliciously melodic plots of “Piazza Cavour”, which at times becomes almost an opera piece.” 

– Indie For Bunnies (translated from Italian) on “Piazza Cavour”

“We really like the melodic line of the song and the emotional tension that is created especially in the second part. It's like standing on a bomb ready to explode at any moment.” 

– Distopic on “Piazza Cavour”

"Appreciate the upbeat, driving, and engaging feel this gives off. This piece captures that alt-rock sound blended with pop rock and classic rock nuances throughout. It has this punchy, exciting, and crisp tone that's easy to follow through. Recalls the likes of The Pretty Reckless, R.E.M., Duran Duran, No Doubt, etc. Clearly [Still Eighteen] has a flair for this type of sound. Like the energetic, spacious progression as well as the suiting melodies. It's grounded, with flares of groovy tones." 

– UNXIGNED on “Keep Rocking”

"Energetic performance and nice guitar-driven sound." 

- SecretEclectic on “Keep Rocking”

“What an earnest song this is, a pair of lovebirds who match each other for pouring themselves completely into character. I must say I was taken by their application and how real it all sounded, came from the heart or even the soul for that matter.” 

– MP3hugger on “Just Hang On”

“ the touching element the keys add to this, very pretty :)” 

– Indie Shuffle on “Just Hang On”

"Meaningful and deep, the lyrics and content are certainly relevant for our times." 

-- Independent Music Reviews on “I'm Finding It Hard to Believe in Something”

“It is an easy listening song with an addictive groove, live performing vibes, positive energy and catchy elements all along the way.” 

– Metalhead Community Magazine on “I’m Finding it Hard to Believe in Something”

“Canadian alt-rockers Still Eighteen take a shot at capitalism yet still fill the sonics up with all the power chords and take it to the bridge in a Camaro attitude that The Man likes. You will probably like it too.”

— Bluesbunny on “Carnivore”

“Good and captivating… A brilliant traditional hard rock song with overflowing energy” 

— Metalhead Community on “Carnivore”

“Still Eighteen are able to fulminate against a system of geo-political rectitude whilst becoming neither belligerent nor pleading as the bluesy-rock guitar echoes across the room to accompaniment of punctuated drum skins whilst punctilious bass lays with burnished vocal as the music spirals around the room and delivers sounds of incredulity that the world has become one of tribal in-fighting promulgated by those with no vested interest other than for their own amusement and betterment on the skeletons of those they abuse… I would posit this is something to add to the collection." 

Tim Whale, Emerging Indie Bands Blog on “Bullets and Dust”

Read what Darryl Sterdan of Tinnitist, one of Canada's most followed music critic had to say about “The Sun” here